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The experience most people have when they initially apply for Social Security Disability benefits is frustrating — and sometimes devastating. Every working day, we meet with men and women who are legitimately unable to work and desperately need financial benefits to handle basic living expenses, but have run into a major roadblock getting those benefits on their own.

Turn To A Legal Team With Decades Of Experience In Disability Appeal Hearings

Specific percentages vary, but it is safe to say that well over 60 percent of initial claims for benefits in Indiana are denied. The next step is to file for reconsideration, but only a very small percentage of decisions are reversed at that level. The critical step for most disabled individuals is their appearance at a disability hearing before a judge.

At Arnholt & Staggs Law Office, we have decades of experience helping people prepare thoroughly for Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings that will determine the shape of their future lives. We know that you probably have no idea what to expect at your disability hearing, and we understand how stressful that can be.

Our lawyer and staff will do everything possible to help you put together the evidence that gives you the best chance to prevail in your case. This often includes explaining the roles of everyone at your hearing, helping you understand how the judge runs the hearing, and running through questions that you may be asked, some of which may seem tricky or designed to trap you.

Attorney Tim E. Staggs will attend your disability hearing with you, but most of our work at that point is done. While judges in the Columbus and Bloomington areas know that we prepare our disability cases diligently and rigorously, and that can be an important consideration, your testimony will be critical. That is why we will always meet with you before your hearing to prepare you to testify.

Let’s Work Together To Build Your Case And Secure A Better Future For You

If you have applied for benefits and been denied, there is no time to lose in finding an attorney who will prioritize your needs and your best interests. At our firm, you can count on advice based on extensive experience and a genuine desire to help you get the benefits you deserve. For a free initial consultation, call 812-373-6539 or email us now.