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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

You may have worked for years or decades and then developed a disability that makes it impossible to continue in your job. To say that this creates serious stress for you and your family is a major understatement. One source of hope and comfort may be your eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. For many people, monthly SSDI checks are a critical source of income enabling them to pay basic living expenses, get the medical treatment they need and maintain a measure of financial stability.

Application For Disability Benefits Denied? You Have Real Options.

Unfortunately, actually getting SSDI benefits is a far more challenging, lengthy mission than most people expect. If you have applied for SSDI and received a denial letter, you are far from alone — and you should not give up. At Arnholt & Staggs Law Office, our lawyers and professional staff have been helping people in the Columbus and Bloomington, Indiana, areas obtain SSDI benefits for more than 30 years. You can turn to us for:

  • A thorough, honest and informed assessment of whether you qualify for benefits and should move promptly to appeal and pursue reconsideration of your case
  • Dedicated effort to build the strongest possible case for your hearing before an administrative law judge, which is the pivotal step for most people seeking SSDI benefits
  • Clear guidance and active communication as needed throughout the duration of your case

Turn To A Legal Team With In-Depth Knowledge Of The Social Security System

Was your application denied because of inaccurate or incomplete information about your work history? Will obtaining additional diagnostic testing and qualified medical opinions or vocational testimony make the difference? Perhaps appearing before a judge and having the opportunity to speak on your own behalf will solidify your claim — and we will help you prepare to the greatest possible extent.

Most people who file for SSDI benefits are initially denied. That’s where our attorney and staff step in to help, although we will also gladly provide guidance if you are disabled, but have not yet applied. You will pay no upfront attorney fees, and we charge fees limited by statute to a percentage of back-due benefits only if we succeed in helping you obtain benefits. For a free consultation, please call 812-373-6539 or contact us online now.