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What Are Your Debt Relief Options?

There are countless ways to pile up debt and only a few ways to get it under control. The road back to financial stability can be impossible to navigate unless you take decisive action.

At Arnholt & Staggs Law Office, we empathize with people who suffer through medical crises, job loss or inability to work, divorce and other major setbacks. At our offices in Bloomington and Columbus, Indiana, you can count on individual attention from an attorney and honest, clear guidance regarding whether filing Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy or some other solution is best suited to your needs.

Beware Of Debt Consolidation Programs That Sound Too Good To Be True

Filing bankruptcy is a big decision. Unfortunately, many people wait longer than they should to learn the truth about bankruptcy, losing assets they might have been able to protect. Others respond to the claims by “debt consolidation” companies that their programs will enable them to pay pennies on the dollar — only to wind up in worse shape than before. Key considerations for you may include:

  • Debt consolidators work with banks. They may be able to help you hold off credit card companies for a while or even settle an account or two, but they can typically do nothing at all about medical bills or other types of debt.
  • Most nonbankruptcy “debt solutions” work essentially the same way. You stop paying your creditors and make a monthly payment to the debt consolidation company instead. You may receive settlement offers, but often these require coming up with thousands of dollars that you do not have.
  • All too often, the repayment plan the debt consolidation company sets up for you is one that cannot work fast enough to prevent you from future lawsuits and further harm to your credit report — even while you continue paying the debt consolidation company every month.

You will still be vulnerable to creditor lawsuits, wage garnishment and other devastating actions while you are paying the debt company. In contrast, a properly executed bankruptcy filing will end these threats promptly.

We Help People In South-Central Indiana Get Real, Legal Debt Relief

Experienced bankruptcy lawyer Tim E. Staggs will gladly provide a free consultation if you are considering any type of debt relief step or program. Our legal team takes great care in helping our clients make the best possible decisions for their futures. Simply call 812-373-6539 or contact us by email to schedule your appointment in Columbus or Bloomington.

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