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Is Filing Bankruptcy The Best Option For You?

In today’s complex, volatile economy, almost anyone can run into serious problems with debt. We meet with people from throughout the Columbus and Bloomington, Indiana, areas who are coping with the stress of debt loads they incurred for reasons beyond their control.

If you are dreading the next collection call, worried about making your next mortgage payment, deluged with medical bills or facing any creditor action against you, now is the time to speak with a qualified bankruptcy lawyer.

Don’t Wait And Worry · Get Clear, Honest Counsel In Your Best Interests

At Arnholt & Staggs Law Office, we will provide a thorough evaluation of your legal debt relief options, free of charge. You can count on honest, clear guidance on whether filing bankruptcy is the best decision for your recovery and future — and on the fees and obligations required to make it work for you.

Can You Eliminate Debts Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Because we are also respected Social Security Disability law advocates, we work with many people whose medical conditions and inability to work have created financial problems. We also recognize that job loss, divorce or simply relying on credit cards to pay basic family expenses over time may have put you in a dire situation.

Many of our clients qualify for debt relief under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, based on their incomes, debt levels and other factors. A Chapter 7 filing, sometimes called a “liquidation” or “straight” bankruptcy, may be the best way for you to reliably stop creditor actions against you and obtain a discharge of unsecured debts such as hospital and doctor bills and credit card balances.

If you earn too much money to file Chapter 7 or have debts that cannot be addressed that way, attorney Tim E. Staggs can also guide you through the process of filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Whatever the best solution for you, we will explain each step in the process and prepare you thoroughly for your required trustee meeting.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.