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Appealing Denied Benefit Claims · Identifying Effective Debt Relief Solutions

If you have applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or Veterans Disability benefits and been denied, the pressures you feel are probably overwhelming. It may help to know that many people face this problem. It is much more helpful to know that we help many people overcome it and get the benefits they deserve.

You can also turn to our law firm for honest, clear counsel if your debts have become too much to handle. We will assess your situation and explain all requirements and benefits associated with personal bankruptcy.

At Arnholt & Staggs Law Office, we deliver individualized counsel and take action for people coping with personal and financial distress. You can turn to us at any time for help understanding and appealing your disability claim denial or evaluating whether filing bankruptcy is the best solution to your debt problems.

A Legacy Of Service With Integrity · Offices In Columbus And Bloomington

Our founding attorney, Gene Arnholt, has been a known and respected advocate for SSD benefits claimants for decades. After years of working with Gene's guidance, principal attorney Tim E. Staggs took the reins of the practice and now leads a genuinely caring, professional team that will focus on your needs and strive to help you in every way we can.